On Saturday, February 9th the parish of St. Augustine hosted the 2nd Annual ‘Lay Leadership Development’ workshop, co-convened by the Diocese of Huron (Ven. Richard Salt, Director of Ministry and Mission) and the Deanery of Essex (Dr. Bill Crosby, Lay Co-Chair, Essex Deanery). This year’s workshop welcomed Bishop Bob Bennett, who contributed significantly to several worshipful reflection modules that made up the day’s program.
This year’s workshop was attended by 25 registrants, plus 8 guest who together explored the foundational issues of lay leadership and the empowerment of others in the building of God’s Kingdom. The Essex Deanery workshop included a special presentation by Rev. Ross Vandercook and Ms. Judith Schellhammer on the Lay discernment program entitled “Explore Your Spiritual Journey” – which will be launched in the Deanery of Essex later in 2013.
At the conclusion of the Workshop, participants were invited to submit an evaluation of the program and the day. The results were strongly positive (4.33 out of a possible 5 merit score), suggesting that those who attended were appreciative of the day’s offering.