Sermons from November 2012

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Be True to God and True to Yourself

In today’s Sermon, we examine the interrogation of Christ by Pilate in which Pilate is caught in the situation of knowing the innocence of Christ, but compelled to yield to the crowd and Jewish authorities in the condemnation of Christ to the crucifixion.

Give Your Anger to God

All of us, at one time or another, experience anger in our lives – both in ourselves and from others. In today’s Sermon, we revisit the importance of reconciliation and forgiveness as the only true recourse that is righteous before God.

A Wave in War


In today’s Sermon, we pause to reflect on the triumph of humanity – even in the midst of war. We recall stories and lessons of the past that point us in the direction of God’s purpose for us all. A purpose that includes remembrance, reverence of duty and of the supremacy of love as an all-conquering attribute of the human heart.

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