Sermons from January 2013

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Rx for a Healthy Church

Spiritual health is critical for a vibrant Church community such as ours. Without it, we risk relegating members of the community to the status of ‘spectator’. All that we could ever ask for will derive from a Church that is spiritually healthy.. So how are we doing? If we were to conduct an impartial health […]

The One Who Resides in You


Much has been said about Sprituality and its importance to the Christian community. While we recognize the importance, we as a community often find it hard to grasp what Spirituality means in terms of Christian fulfillment.

Promises, Promises

This Sunday, we commemorate the Baptism of Christ – and reflect upon the meaning of Baptism within the Christian community. In today’s sermon, the importance of the baptismal promise is visited in the context of the community’s responsibility to uphold and nurture the candidate.

Into His Most Radiant Light

Today’s sermon focuses on Ephesians 3 as the substrate for a message that is topical for this Epiphany Sunday. In Paul’s letter, we are witness to God’s purpose in unifying all things through Christ Jesus. This purpose for us, given by God, is presaged in both the Old Testament Psalm for today, as well as […]

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