Sermons from February 2013

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A Personality for Mission

In today’s Sermon, the speaker reflects upon the unchanging nature of God’s purpose in our lives, as exemplified by the fidelity of Jesus’ ministry – a ministry that lead him to Calvary and the Cross. When confronted with threats and intimidation, Jesus was fearless and resolute in his mission to preach the good news, and […]

Where Trods Your Treasure?

In today’s sermon, we’re invited to stop and ponder a simple question; do we give back to God in same measure that we receive?

To Win, You Gotta Have Heart

In the world of sport, it is often true that victory and the reaching of objectives requires more than just skill – it requires heart, and the passion to excel. In many ways, the same is true for the vitality and growth of Church. While the many scecular gifts held by members of our community […]

All you Need is Love

In what is arguably the most celebrated of St. Paul’s teachings, we hear today of the supremacy of God’s indestructible love for each and every one of us. And how to find that love? … through an abiding and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The love that is offered is offered to all, and is […]

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