Sermons from July 2013

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Are You a Martha or a Mary ?

Are you a Martha? [   ]   Do you worry?           [   ]   Do you complain or criticize? [   ]   Are you anxious?      [   ]   Are you a skeptic?                                                  OR Are you a Mary? [   ]   Are you at peace with yourself?   [   ]   Are you able to be quiet in God’s presence? [   ]  Do […]

The Cost of Following Jesus

Do you know Jesus is calling you?  Are you putting obstacles in the way?  Making excuses why you can’t find time?  In this morning’s sermon Pat unpacks the uncomfortable subject of putting Jesus off until another day!  

Cricket – to some it’s a puzzle wrapped up in an enigma!

To some of us what we do on a Sunday is a bit like cricket. If we have no understanding we do not engage.  Liturgy is there to release us in our worship not constrain us.  It should be like a flowing river, fresh, renewing.  Not stagnant pools of water going nowhere.

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