Sermons from 2016

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Fight the Good Fight


As members of what The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry refers to as ‘The Jesus Movement’, we have a tough act to follow. Jesus commands that we love one another, and to ‘turn the other cheek’ when assaulted. How do we do that in times of war and injustice? Perhaps we can reconcile these thoughts if […]

Be Counted Among the Saints


As we celebrate All Saints Day in the life of the Church, we’re reminded that ‘sainthood’ and to be counted among the Saints is no more and no less about proclaiming the Gospel to all who would hear it. To that end, we’re all invited to counted among the saints.

Weigh Not our Merits


In today’s Gospel reading from Luke, Jesus reminds us through parable of the pitfalls that await those whose self-righteousness and contempt for others can blind one to the light. That’s not to say that we aren’t invited to pursue the truth and address injustice where it is to be found. We’re reminded of that BCP […]

Give Thanks for What Matters


In our common everyday language, the word ‘Gratitude’ can at times seem over-used. Like the proverbial grass in a school playground, it can become trampled beneath the hustle and bustle of life. But today, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, we’re called to reflect upon and give thanks for those things that are truly important: the […]

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