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Be not a Troubled Heart


Jesus well anticipated the ups and downs of everyday life. In the same way that he confronted sin and death, and triumphed over them, He offers us the same path to peace and redemption …. if we would only believe in Him.

He’s Not There; He’s Here

During a past trip to Israel and Jerusalem, it seemed as though the holiness of the site was lost in the hustle, bustle and commercialization of the city. It wasn’t until the city was viewed from a distant vantage point that it became clear; it doesn’t matter if Jesus was born here or was buried […]

Into the Waters Deep


Our Baptism into the family of God, and the covenant it embodies, is central to defining who we are as a Christian people. We are called to immerse ourselves into the human condition, to ‘die’ to old ways and to be reborn in Jesus Christ. We are called to be God’s instrument of justice and […]

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