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Fight the Good Fight


As members of what The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry refers to as ‘The Jesus Movement’, we have a tough act to follow. Jesus commands that we love one another, and to ‘turn the other cheek’ when assaulted. How do we do that in times of war and injustice? Perhaps we can reconcile these thoughts if […]

An Audit for Jesus


In his letter to the Philippians, St. Paul invites members of the community to reflect upon those elements of personal identity that define us. Are they ‘credits’ or ‘debits’, for those of us on a spiritual journey? How does this ‘audit’ of our understanding of ourselves, serve to ‘add’ or ‘detract’ from our being in […]

Feed with Love

St. Augustine was privileged to welcome Christine Wilson to our Service of worship. As the Director of ‘Street Help/Unit7’, Christine shares a passionate message of forgiveness, generosity and hope on behalf of homeless people in our region of Windsor. Her message was clear; include love and respect in providing for the daily needs of others. […]

I See You, You See Me

This Sunday is The Baptism of our Lord, and an opportunity to reflect on the central meaning of our Baptism – the full measure of being unconditionally welcomed and loved by God. As Children of God we are commissioned to live into and through the promises that were made and the salvation received at the […]

Come Die with Me


Today, the Gospel of Matthew invites us to traverse a different kind of ‘wilderness’ – the wilderness of the heart. John the Baptist was clear; we are invited to ‘die’ to sinful ways and be re-born in Christ.

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