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Talents Galor

God has gifted our Parish with a multitude of talents, which He invites us to use in service both to one another and to the Church. Without exception, each one of us has been gifted in this way – so let’s not bury them, but put them to use!

‘Nothing’ is All that We Need


When confronted with the physical and spiritual hunger of a gathering of 5,000+, Jesus directed that they be served. The Disciples thought that 5 loaves and 2 fishes were ‘nothing’ with which to work, but He demonstrated otherwise. The theme of this story, which spans all 4 of the Gospel narratives, is that we should […]

A Team Has Many Players

When it comes to ‘doing’ and ‘being’ Church, each of us is akin to being a member on a team. We all have a role to play, and all roles are equally important. That role, and our responsibility within it, begins at the point of being welcomed into the family of God – at our […]

Looking back at the Year

We are at the end of the Liturgical Year!  Time to reflect.  Has Jesus made an impact on our life in 2013?  Have we had a good harvest?

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