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‘Nothing’ is All that We Need


When confronted with the physical and spiritual hunger of a gathering of 5,000+, Jesus directed that they be served. The Disciples thought that 5 loaves and 2 fishes were ‘nothing’ with which to work, but He demonstrated otherwise. The theme of this story, which spans all 4 of the Gospel narratives, is that we should […]

Where Trods Your Treasure?

In today’s sermon, we’re invited to stop and ponder a simple question; do we give back to God in same measure that we receive?

An Amazing Lady

In today’s Sermon, Rev. Colin explores the extraordinary faith of Mary – the mother of Jesus. Her receptivity to the will of God is a model for us all. We remember too the readiness of Joseph to support his betrothed and his family against all the odds, for the love of God. This courageous response […]

Joy to the World

In this week’s sermon, we are invited to experience the joy that Christmas and the coming of Christ can bring.

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