Would you like to enquire about Baptisms/Christenings at St. Augustine?


What is Baptism?

Baptism is the outward sign of a commitment to Jesus in response to his commitment to us. Using water symbolizes two things:


Washing – when Jesus died on the cross, he died to pay our debt with God so we can freely have a relationship with him. Our sin is ‘washed’ away. The water symbolizes what Jesus has done for us.

Drowning – sounds alarming! But the symbolism is of dying to the old life of living for ourselves (going into the water) and instead living the new life of living for Jesus (coming out of the water). The water symbolizes our intention to live for Him and not for ourselves.

There is nothing magical about the water! The service is a powerful picture of what a person has already received through Jesus. With this in mind, we would expect to meet with you before any arrangements are made in order that you understand the implications for parents who want children baptized.

If you are interested in being baptized or having a child baptized/christened, then please contact the office by clicking here.